Got Term? Consider Phil

Do you have term life insurance? Well, just in case you have yet to take this important step to protect your family in the case of you untimely demise, I want you to consider any number of ways that Phil Conners could have died in the classic movie, Groundhog Day with Bill Murray.

So, as the tale went, Bill Murray’s character, Phil Conners, was a uptight news caster, who was not enjoying his life much. He was sent out to Punxsutawney to cover the groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, arising from his winter slumber. If he were to see his shadow there would be six more weeks of winter, if not, the winter would be over. It was a bit silly a thing, but it was tradition and people loved to gather for the occasion, for Groundhog Day.

So, in his initial broadcast of the event Phil quipped off some obviously sarcastic platitude and cut short the coverage of this event beloved by the town’s folk. Both his camera man and the lady producer that were there with him noted his clear distain and petitioned him to reshoot. Well, despite Phil’s unwillingness to do so that day, he would have many more chances to redo the shot. For when he woke up in the morning he got to relive that same day over again.

Now many of us would love to live certain days over again and so did Phil until he realized that he was living the same day over again every day. It was in this despair that he resorted to many attempts at cleaning the slate by ending up dead, fortunately he had many more than nine lives, but after each tragic event he would wind up waking up in bed at the same quaint bed and breakfast on the same morning, the morning of his Groundhog Dag broadcast.

One interaction that he came across each day was the annoying meeting of a guy that he went to school with as a kid, Ned Ryerson. Ned recognized Phil and instantly started trying to sell him life insurance. If Ned only knew that Phil was “a god” as he put it to his coworker one morning in the diner, he probably would have not approached him about buying any. However, it was probably good to pursue it anyway since Phil had no idea when or if any of his attempts at his life would be successful.

In the course of his life attempts Phil walked in front of a moving semi, jumped off a building, got into the bathtub with his toaster and many other things that you should not try at home, especially if you are not Bill Murray in a scripted movie that has 50 fake lives to work with.

My point in all of this is that you never know how or when you are going to go and term life insurance may just be the very thing that protects your family from the loss of your income once you have accidentally passed beyond this mortal life into another phase of your existence. Take some time to think on it a bit and if you have loved ones you are responsible for, get some term life insurance.

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