Got Term? Consider the Care Bears

Care-a-lot, ah what a wonderful place. Aside from all the cheesy bears that share mushy feelings with one another it really is a place that I wish to be in. I don’t think that my head is in the clouds with this wish. I mean, think of it, a place where everyone seeks the well being of all others. Even Grumpy bear had his moments of caring. So, with this picture of childhood fantasy circling the clouds of my imagination at the moment, I wish to consider how getting life insurance would help me get to Care-a-lot some day.

I have learned over the course of time that we so often seek to be loved, to be cared for and to be feel like someone is watching over us. I have also learned through many experiences that those feelings don’t just come because we want them. Sure, the power of positive thinking can do much to facilitate good warm feelings, but it is ultimately in the action, in the doing, in the extending of love ourselves that we come to feel that same love return and often in greater measure.

Serving has been a topic that has come up many times in my life. I have often felt the caring touch of others as I am involved in serving them. And as stated before, I am often the beneficiary of more love than I feel I am giving at times. So, thus is the relationship between caring and feeling cared for, the connection between my life and life in Care-a-lot.

So, with that in mind I spend my life working so I can provide my family with those things they need. In doing so I am expressing the love I have for them and in turn, again, I experience that same love. Well, I can anticipate a time where those things that I give to them will come to a close. Either they will pass along into the next life or I will. And if I do so first, there is an end to some of the things that I can continue to do for them to show my love. I no longer can take my daughters on special dates and hear about how they are doing in school and what boys they are starting to like. I cannot walk with my wife and share some sacred moments with her as I listen to her explain how she feels we are to have another child.

It is those times that they will simply have to remember and hold on to. However, it is the moments where I helped to buy my son’s first car or helped him finance his first small business to pay for school that I can still be a part of after I am gone. In such ways I can continue to show my love to my family. They will have the chance to remember me each time they are supported by their father from beyond.

So, I guess in a way, Care-a-lot has always been inside of me as I have shown love to my family, friends and neighbors. And just like the little bears that will live forever in my mind and heart, I too can live forever in the lives of my family after I am gone, but providing support for them in the form of term life insurance.

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