Got Term? Consider Truman

Ever thought of what would happen to those you love when you pass on to the other side? Well, to illustrate why you should consider getting some term life insurance I would like to take us for a moment into the fabricated world of Truman. Even in a place where everything is designed to provide the perfect life there are still dangers that lurk.

Did you ever see the movie The Truman Show? If so, you may recall that Truman was bought by a corporation before birth and placed into a TV set of sorts. His every moment was recorded and broadcast to the world for their viewing pleasure. He was born on film and even escaped from this highly surveyed life on film.

As Truman grew the curiosity of a regular boy grew inside of him, but ways were orchestrated and worked into the script of his life to keep him on the island which the show was set, for off the island there was off set. So for many years of his life Truman bought into image of the perfect life there on the island. He was even placed into a career where he would realize the dangers of leaving the island, life insurance.

By scripting the death of his father in a boating accident while he was young and by placing him in the life insurance business Truman had instilled in him the dangers of water and the risks of flying, the two main ways off the island.

But as many of us know, curiosity can sometimes get the best of us. And so it was with Truman. As Truman’s arranged life started to grow dull he dreamed of faraway places, Fiji was his fantasy getaway. It was here that his mind went when things were not working out right. It was in this place that everyone told him was foolishness that he found some glint of hope.

After keying into several circumstances that threatened to reveal the secret behind his televised life Truman set firm in his mind that his dream would become a reality despite his conditioned fears. When the pain of not finding an answer grew greater than the pain of his fears, Truman made several attempts at escaping. His stab at driving off the island was hampered by a fake fire at the power plant just over the river that blocked his escape.

Finally, Truman ditched the cameras by making the producers of the Truman Show think he was sleeping while he escaped to the docks. On a sailboat, much like the one that his father “died” on, he set sail for a better place. He sailed in peace while he was unnoticed, but when the crew and cameras caught up to him, he was presented with an ultimatum, give up or get drowned. Truman’s desire pushed him to the edge of death and perhaps if the storm that Cristof and the control room crew conjured up to dissuade him would have been a real one, he may just have met his end. Instead, the storm ceased and Truman lay near to unconscious, tangled in the ropes of the sail.

With determination after the rain, Truman got back up and began again to sail. It was when he ran into the edge of the set, painted like the sky, that he realized his journey was not over, but just beginning. Now, had Truman’s story been real, he may not have survived the night and thus term life would have provided for the wife he left behind.

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