Improving Life In Little Ways: Part One

Sometimes, small things make a big difference.

You might not be able to solve the giant dilemmas that weigh down your mind today, but wouldn’t it be nice to just solve a few of the littler dilemmas?

I’ve combined some of the best life-detail-improving ideas I have found, from my mother’s, my sisters’, and my friends’ great, endless idea bags.  Here you go–  today’s dose of quality of life enhancement ideas.  Enjoy!

  1. Use a smashed-up piece of tin foil to scrub baked-on food off pans.
  2. Hull strawberries from bottom to top, using a straw.
  3. Rub a walnut over scratches in your furniture to disguise dings.
  4. Remove crayon TVs or computer screens with WD40.
  5. Stop cut apples from browning in your lunch box by securing the whole, cut apple with a rubber band.
  6. Stop folding the laundry for anyone in the family under age 10.  Just throw the clothes in the drawers and shut the drawers.  It saves so much time.
  7. Store bed linen sets inside one of their own pillowcases and there is suddenly no more hunting through piles for matches.
  8. Place your hand held techology devices in a bowl; the concave shape amplifies music.
  9. Re-use a wet-wipes container to store plastic bags.
  10. Baby powder gets sand off your skin at the beach.  It also sprinkles into unshampooed hair to freshen its look and smell.
  11. Use a Velcro strip to the wall to store soft toys in a baby’s room.
  12. Use wire to make a space to store gift wrap rolls high, against the ceiling, rather than cluttering shelves.
  13. Find small lost items (contact lenses, jewelry)  by putting a nylon sock over the vacuum.
  14.  Use a magnetic strip to store bobby pins, tweezers, and other metal items in the bathroom.
  15.   Store shoes inside shower caps to stop dirty soles from messing up the clean closet.
  16.   Use bread tags make electronic cord messes neatly labeled.
  17.   Bake cupcakes inside ice-cream cones rather than in muffin tins.
  18.  Microwave popcorn in a plain brown paper bag to save money and fat grams.
  19.  Install a tension rod to hang your cleaning spray bottles inside a cabinet.
  20.  Use a muffin pan upside down to bake cookie dough.  (Fill half way only) When you removed them, you have cookie bowls.
  21.  Freeze Aloe in ice-cube trays for soothing sting and sunburn relief.
  22.  Create a window-box vegetable patch using guttering supplies as farming rows.
  23.  Use duct tape in the bottom of your tub or shower to keep yourself from slipping.   Make criss cross patterns with the duct tape.
  24. Use egg cartons to separate and store jewelry so theives don’t recognize your hiding spot.  Use them to store holiday decorations, too.
  25. Bathe your toddler in the kitchen sink.  He’s easier for you to reach, he’s safer, and you can wash the counters while he splashes away.
  26. Do lunges or squats while you brush your teeth.  This is how you fit in exercise.
  27. Use vinegar liberally over a peed-upon bed mattrass.  Once it dries, both the vinegar smell and the urine smell will vanish.
  28. Use vinegar also on couch stains, curtain stains, or carpet stains.  It works miracles without leaving a mark or a smell later on.
  29. An entire jar of mayonnaise left on overnight, on the scalp of a person infected with head lice, will do the trick that medicated shampoos won’t.
  30. Refried beans, in place of oils in recipes (like brownies or carrot cake) will create a moist, cakey, healthier alternative (or do this if you’re out of oil).
  31. Buy yourself flowers.  There is no cheaper way to bring a smile to your own face, to make yourself feel empowered, and to make a messy house look cared-for.



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