Life Insurance Companies in Heaven

“Welcome to heaven!” came an incredibly pleasant voice from behind me. As I turned around to see the being from which this salutation came I had to shield my eyes for just a moment because of the brightness of the person at which I looked. My eyes soon adjusted and I saw before me my father who had passed away just before my tenth birthday. “Dad!” I cried as I raced to embrace him. They had said meeting in heaven would be joyous, but I can’t even describe the thrill which seeing my father again brought. It was strange and wonderful to see him again. After enjoying a few glorious moments in silence and smiles I remembered something that Joni, my wife wanted me to ask when I got here. “Dad, are there life insurance companies in Heaven?” That was all it took for him to usher me towards the great room where he was to share with me just what Heaven was and what Heaven wasn’t.

It was almost like a slide presentation that helped me to understand. It wasn’t the regular kind. It was almost a three dimensional one that came with full on smells, sounds, tactile experiences and the like. It was as if I were experiencing to the greatest ability each “slide” that my father was showing me. And the other interesting thing was the presentation was tailored completely to me. It even started with the question I had asked, “Are there life insurance companies in Heaven?” It was a fun way to present not only how peaceful heaven is, but that there is no death. By the end of the show I fully understood why there was no need for something like life insurance in Heaven. Let me see if I can explain.

Back on earth I was a life insurance agent you see. That question about companies existing in Heaven actually came quite often from my wife. She would always seem to know just how to get me unwound when I would start to fret about making a living as an agent. “Are there life insurance companies in Heaven?” was her way of assuring me that things were never as bad as they seemed and that when all was said and done none of it was really that important. It just mattered to her that I was trying hard to show love for my family and that riches were not what was going to do that.

Joni was right. I saw that now more clearly than ever. It was the love that mattered most and my work at the life insurance company was just one way to show that love. In many other ways, small ways mostly, I was shown in Dad’s super 3D slide show that I had given much love, so much so in fact that there was no other place I could go BUT Heaven. In the end I guess the Beatles were at least right about one thing, all ya need is love. While life insurance protects those I left behind, it’s the love insurance that protects me here.

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