Risking Your Life For Travel

My heart aches to travel. I yearn to travel that is literally hurts. I’ve never tried drugs before so I can only assume that not traveling is what withdrawal feels like. Post vacation I reach a low of sadness. The monotony of real life never lives up to the excitement of traveling.

While I yearn to travel and try new things, I generally steer away from dangerous traveling. Imagine my disappointment when three of my wanted travel locations recently became very dangerous to visit: Egypt, Mexico and Israel.

If you are thinking about traveling to any of these places, consider this before you risk your life in the name of travel.

Egypt: The riot-torn country is home to some of the world’s most iconic images: the great pyramids of Giza, the Nile and Abu Simbel to name a few. Riding a camel and viewing a mummy are only a couple of the rites of passage for traveling in Egypt. Unfortunately, Egypt’s political landscape has seen better days. In what is being dubbed the Arab Spring, Egyptian citizens decided they were fed up with the shenanigans (and evil doing) of their president Mubarak. After many intense riots and deaths, President Mubarak was overthrown. Riots not withstanding, Egypt is not an entirely safe place to travel. While violent crimes are generally low, it is not a safe country for women. Women, especially non-Egyptian women, are routinely and commonly groped or sexual assaulted in crowded streets, scaring away tourists. If you choose to visit Egypt, hire a local guide to ensure you are safe at all times.

Mexico: Mexico boasts pristine beaches, great weather, ancient Mayan ruins and a tropical escape. Unfortunately, the region is being savaged by drug cartels. Drug cartels are nothing new to Mexico. However, in recent years the cartels have gained more power and visibility in Central and Northern Mexico. The area is plagued by vicious and very public murders. In Mexico City, kidnapping runs rampant, even despite local authorities best efforts. It is well advised to avoid Mexico/ U. S. borders known for drug smuggling and murders. If you do visit Mexico, consider visiting the resort towns in Southern Mexico. Most of these locales are frequented by cruise lines and are often away from the cartel turf wars.

Israel: This region is one of the most important and popular religious sites. Popular sites include the Dome of the Rock, Jesus Christ’s tomb and the Garden of Gethsemane. The land is popular among many religions, which has resulted in a turf war for thousands of years. Regardless of who you think should have the ownership to the land, there is no denying that the conflict is serious and very violent. Most of the violence occurs along the Gaza Strip and it comes in the form of suicide bombers and other explosives. Israel is not a country to wander in. If you visit, please visit with a guide.

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