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Term Life Insurance

A How To Guide For Finding a Good Life Insurance Agent

A life insurance agent is someone you can trust and not just someone you are going to buy a policy from.  If you have a life insurance agent that is worthwhile they will recognize that building a relationship with you is more beneficial to them for their long term business goals of being successful.   Let’s face it, word of mouth goes far in life.

Experienced Life Insurance Agent

Experience says a lot.  Just with anything else the more someone does something the better they get at it.  You want an agent who has the background to recognize different policy attachments that may be available to better suit your individual needs.  After all, someone who has loved ones that may depend on the income from a life insurance policy may be different than someone who just wants to make sure the family member does not need to foot the bill on burial costs so their policy may pay out less.

How do you determine his experience?  Ask questions, get to know him!  You can tell if an agent is fresh off the boat or has been around the block.  Ask some specifics like; “How many carriers do they represent?”, and “What types of policies do they usually sell? “  These types of questions can help you familiarize yourself with what exactly the life insurance agents specialty is.

Go With Independence!

You also should seek an agent that does not represent only one company.  Sometimes when a life insurance agent works with only one company there is not much room for price negotiation in your policy type.  You want variety, not only is it the spice of life but it has a history of bringing price down when you can choose different plans that all have different pricing.  The consumer wins in most case studies done in this instance.

The Good Life Insurance Agent

In the end a good life insurance agent is someone who can be personable to you and can understand your needs or even help you to understand what needs you may want to consider in a life insurance policy.  Remember that in the end purchasing the policy is your decision, but the agent should help guide you into one your loved ones can count on for when that time comes.