Thanksgiving Health Tips

Halloween is the kick off of the holiday bloat- the overeating begins. But you do not have to fall prey to the overeating pitfalls. AND you can still enjoy a Thanksgiving meal. Here is how.

Start the day off right.

Earn your Thanksgiving meal with an early Thursday morning 5K. Thanksgiving themed 5ks are plentiful (and often can benefit a local charity) and it is the perfect way to work up a sweat before the big meal. Not a big runner? Find a neighborhood Turkey Bowl, which is a festive way to describe a pick up game of football.

Pick and choose.

A Thanksgiving buffet is overflowing with incredible food. But you do not have to overeat. On your first go a round fill your plate with your favorites, but make sure that half of the plate is full of fruits and veggies. This will help you fill up on healthy options. If you want more, indulge a bit. But before you jump up for the second round, make sure you eat slowly and give yourself about 5 minutes to digest. It takes time for your stomach to feel full, so eating more slowly will allow your stomach to catch up.

Don’t restrict.

 The easiest way to fall off the wagon is to deny yourself everything good the whole day. If you restrict the whole day, the chance of failing by bingeing is high. Indulge a little, just be smart.

Drink water. The easiest way to cut down your Thanksgiving calories is to not drink them. Hydrating with plenty of water is a surefire way to curb overeating. First, by trading water for say, another high caloric drink such as soda or your favorite alcoholic beverage, you will eliminate at least a few hundred calories. That is practically another meal! Also, if you drink water throughout the meal, you will fill up on that instead of fatty foods. By drinking water as you eat, it allows your stomach to feel full faster as well.

Get moving again.

Naps and Thanksgiving go hand in hand. But before you bulldoze straight for pie, get moving again. Work up a bit of a sweat and really earn your pie. Not big football fans? Go for a walk or a bike ride. If the weather doesn’t permit, get your blood flowing with an indoor gaming system like the Wii. Or improvise with a dance party. Cheesey? Yes.  But it will get the job done.

Take leftovers.

People often eat Thanksgiving like it is the last meal of their lives. Don’t eat this way. This is not the last meal of your life. If you just can’t get enough of the turkey fabulous-ness, just remember that you can have leftovers and enjoy it all again the next day.

Don’t take the rest of the weekend off. In between eating turkey and Black Friday shopping, people often veg for the rest of the weekend. Enjoy your leftovers after a good workout. Your body will thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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