Being involved in the world of life insurance I tend to think about death more than I would say most people do. With that said I’ve been pondering on how to introduce such a morbid and dark infographic. As I’ve begun to write the intro for this infographic I hear Mohinders voice from the tv series “Hero’s.”

It is a natural desire to have a distinct yearning for survival. The past teaches us valuable lessons of mystery, life, and death. Lessons that you and I as humans will and must learn to prolong our life. For the most part we are able and capable of determining our own fate. But is there a greater force that has the power to decide when we rise or fall, how we die, or when we take our last breath? Is it us that should be blamed for our death, or something else far greater than our being? Should death be blamed at all? Despite all of this, the life cycle continues to chase us from behind. One day it will catch up with us and stare us down, face to face.

So what is death? Completely random, out of our control, in our control, or completely our fault? This dark infographic sheds light on the absurd deaths of the past so that we will not perish to the same ridiculous ways of dying in the present. So I ask this question: for 40 year old Tycho of Denmark, was it his fault he died because he held his bladder too long?


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The Funniest and Weirdest Ways People Have Actually Died
2012 “The Funniest and Weirdest Ways People Have Actually Died”
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